Videos for Friday: Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC   1 comment

For Friday’s class, I’ve asked you to read the Aug. 21 New York Times article, “Comic’s PAC is More Than a Gag.” The article discusses comedian Stephen Colbert, who recently founded a Political Action Committee (PAC) in order to make a satirical comment on the way that PACs allow unlimited individual and corporate donations to influence elections in the US.

Colbert waving to the crowd after the FEC approved his super PAC

In addition to reading the article, please check out these brief videos from Colbert’s Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report. If you’re already familiar with this issue, you can skip to the third one (August 11).

April 14 – Colbert decides to form a Super PAC

June 30 – “I can haz Super PAC!” – The Federal Election Commission approves Colbert’s Super PAC

August 11 – Super PAC releases ads for “Rick Parry” before the Iowa Straw Poll

Before class on Friday, do your best to get a sense of what’s going on in this controversy: Who is Stephen Colbert?
What is a Political Action Committee? Why are PACs controversial? If you’re stumped, you can read more about Colbert’s satire of campaign finance here: Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Gets Approval (USA Today).


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One response to “Videos for Friday: Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC

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  1. Am I the only one that’s very happy with what this man is doing? Maybe I’m just biased since I’ve been such a big fan since day one of his show, but I mean come on! He is using humor to expose the flaws in the system be it Super PACs or be it arguments from 24-hour cable news stations, and man do they get exposed- ridiculed, even- by the man in the glasses. A man who dares to go where not many go in the way that nearly no one would go, in his case wielding humor as his weapon, is a fearless man indeed. That’s of course, solely my opinion.

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