Concerning Jorge Corona, to whom it may correspond.   1 comment

Hello. My name is Graham Fawkes, I am an Englishman, and I am also Mr.  Jorge Corona’s personal typist. Mr. Corona had too much to do this weekend, and did not allow me to disclose the sort of things he was involved in as a precautionary measure against rival school, soccer, aeronautic, criminal, secret, and government organizations, but I am more than happy to answer and blog on his behalf. Very well then, on we go.

Mr. Corona likes reading, or rather having my brother Frank Fawkes (freelancer) summarize for him, comic texts such as Mark Twain’s writings, Demetri Martin’s new book, properly titled “This is a Book”, and others. As for the televisual medium, Mr. Corona enjoys The Colbert Report, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and has recently delved into the witty waters that emanate from the show 30 Rock. Where comic movies are concerned, he’s a fan of Burn After Reading. Strangely enough he is not a big comedy buff where movies are concerned, as he prefers dramas in this particular section of the media.

Jorge’s choice to take this course had nothing to do with the material. Mr. Corona has reiterated time after time that his contempt for actually writing satire, instead of just enjoying it, is as intense as Paula Deen’s love for saturated fats seems to be. He would much rather be learning how to get through a Rhetoric of Doing Nothing class without doing anything than be here.

Sorry, I know that last bit sounds very harsh indeed, but those are Mr. Corona’s exact words and I cannot misquote him in any way- else my brother Frank Fawkes (freelancer) will be tortured once again. I do apologize. In any case, Mr. Corona has no further questions other than how to buy himself an A grade, but he says he will ask you that personally after class. He encourages you to ask him questions because, I’ve come to find, he is an egomaniac.

You’ll probably be reading from me a lot more. It’s not Mr. Corona’s nature to actually DO anything.

Much respect,
Graham Fawkes


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  1. Well played, sir. Well played.

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