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Good day to my fellow RHE 309K classmates! In response to the prompt given to us by Sara, I would like to share my favorite kinds of comedy shows, and why I am taking this course.

A few of my favorite shows happen to be satires, which I find to be a pleasant coincidence. Among these shows are Community, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, Malcolm in the Middle, and King of the Hill. They have provided satirical takes on typical processes, such as student government elections and the functions of local government, while tackling the conventions of family and group relationships. Over the years, these television shows have influenced my beliefs and morals, albeit in an over-the-top fashion.

A particular episode of Community reminded me of typical election debates, and propaganda that goes along with them. In the episode “Intro to Political Science,” community college students run for president of their student government. After two main characters withdraw their candidacy, it comes down to the “political showdown of the century,” where two characters lock themselves into a stalemate of sorts.

Both characters are caricatures of common candidates running for political office. Leonard, the stubborn old man, mirrors candidates who tend to avoid answering a question by way of childish behavior. Magnitude, the “one man party” of Greendale Community College, is a reference to the constant repetition of slogans used to rally voters. Overall, the writers appear to be mocking the idea of modern elections, stating that there is little substance to the process.

I chose to take Rhetoric of Satire because I love humor. That may seem like an oversimplified answer, but that’s why this course appealed to me. Right now, I’m an admirer of comedy; I can only see what is on the surface. However, I want to study the nature of humor as an educational medium. People like George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart have that profound effect of informing their audiences about issues that need a voice. And then you have The Onion, which has drawn out absurdities in today’s society. Their work is inspirational and hilarious, yet complicated to me. I want to know why it works so well, or how it works so well.

I’m really excited to see what this class has in store for me as a writer and student.


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