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Funnyordie PSA: “Protect Insurance Companies”   Leave a comment

For class on Friday, please watch this mock PSA on health care reform, sponsored by and created by the writers at Funnyordie in 2009. In class, we’ll work through the three steps of rhetorical analysis on the assignment prompt for your next short paper, so come prepared to answer these questions:

1. What debate is the video responding to, and what is its implicit argument? Research keywords like “Health care reform” and “Affordable Care Act” to get a sense of the controversy.

2. What claims and beliefs about health insurance companies does the video satirize? How can you tell?

3. Which values, beliefs, and emotions does the video appeal to? (In other words, which values, beliefs, or emotions would viewers have to feel in order to find the video persuasive?)

4. What kinds of audiences might be most likely to find this video funny, persuasive, or offensive? Who do you think is least likely to be persuaded by the video?



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Satire is dead?   Leave a comment

In the words of hip-hop artist, Nas, “Hip-hop is dead.”

Good point. Whether or not you listen to hip-hop/rap, nothing puts the proverbial “nail in the coffin” like a genre’s not-as-celebrated artist.

Paul Krugman, in this New York Times article (let’s face it, I love New York, and I love Times) echoes that same sentiment, and pronounces, “Satire is Dead.”

Satire is dead? What gives him the right to say that? Check out the article, and you’ll see that the line, between satire and real-life arguments, is a little blurred… or dead.

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Satire on journalistic integrity – ChinLin Pan   4 comments

Here are links to satirical articles on my controversy: the lack of journalistic integrity in various media (online, newspapers, etc.).,2153/

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Censorship Satire   Leave a comment

Saturday Night Live is my favorite part of the week and, much to my excitement, they did a sketch with Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee-Lo Green making fun of the FCC’s ruling about Cee-Lo’s song “F**k You”. Here is the link to the satire, relevant to my controversy about censorship (the video is towards the bottom).

There is another really great radio program and stand-up routine from the 1970s by George Carlin called “7 Dirty Words”, in which Carlin questions who has the right to determine which words are obscene and which aren’t. This is relevant to my controversy as well. Funnily enough, one of the links gave me a notification that read “Removed due to inappropriate content”.


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Satire on Tuition Rates   Leave a comment

Not surprisingly, I easily found several satirical images on this topic on The Onion.  Here are just a few.,7910/,8615/,7951/

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Satire on Homelessness   Leave a comment

The Onion had several great articles poking fun at the serious issue of homelessness, but I think this sends the message the best. I look forward to summarizing and analyzing it.

Hundreds Line Up Overnight for Opening of New Homeless Shelter

This one is just a short bullet-point article that I also really liked.

New York Fighting Homelessness

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I hate my life   1 comment

Hi class,

Turns out my first choice of topic didn’t have enough serious articles in existence so now I had to find a new one.  Problem is, I don’t really have a strong opinion on… anything.  Well i should rephrase, I don’t have a strong opinion on anything that has a lot of viewpoint articles all over the place.  I could just pick some political issue and have lots to choose from in terms of articles and stuff, but then i’d have to kill myself; and there’d be all sorts of paperwork to fill out, and my roommate would have to go to counseling and stuff.  It would just be a huge mess.  So i’m going to go with something that i enjoy, that also has slightly more worldly importance than ultimate frisbee; College Football.  I’m going to be covering the recent talks of conference realignment that have been taking place lately, specifically in the Big 12 -2.  I hope it works out better than my last topic so i don’t have to hate my life anymore


here’s a link to a satirical college football blog that posted this a while ago in response to a&m being denied by the SEC the first time they tried to go

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