Drunk Driving: From a Victim’s Perspective   Leave a comment

On June 21 of last year, I was hit my a drunk driver. I sustained a subdural  hematoma, a broken pelvis, and several stitches and staples.

Best start to a summer ever, right?

I spent more than a week in the hospital, but I was really only conscious for about 4 days before I was released. Then once I got home the legal battle began. Unfortunately, due to the head trauma that I experienced I have little recollection of what actually happened that night so legally I am of little help. This leaves me with one, forever daunting question: was it my fault?

Without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to my controversy:

Concern:  Drunk Driving is widespread and easy to get away with.

Topic: Drunk Driving: From a Victim’s Perspective

Question: Who’s fault is it anyway? Should drunk drivers always be held responsible regardless of who’s fault it really was? Could it have been prevented?


Getting into an accident like mine, is one of those things that you never think will happen to you. And lucky for all of you, the odds are still in your favor. However, as college students our minds are never in the right place.


Be careful.

Because the odds aren’t always in your favor.


-Hillary Ann






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