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The controversy that I chose was abortion.  As a Catholic, this is an issue that is constantly being fought against.  What makes this controversy so interesting is that there is no way for either side to ever be completely satisfied.  The question being proposed would be: Should abortion be legal?  This continues to be a hot topic and will stay this way for a long while, so there are many serious articles along with satirical articles that will lend help with delving into this subject.


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  1. The controversy I chose was gun control, because I feel that every American has a personal stake in the debate over the terms by which both state and federal governments define the second amendment. To narrow my search, I decided to focus on debate over a specific bill, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, which expired in 2004 due to a sunset clause and has not been renewed. For those in favor of control, the bill was a triumph, stamping down on weapon systems that were designed only with human death in mind. For the pro-gun side, the bill was a symbolic attack on their right to bear arms, and one that should not be repeated. This issue is still under debate today, as various congressional figures are undergoing an effort to have a new version of the ban reinstated, while opponents prepare to combat their efforts. I shouldn’t have to much trouble finding material to cover, at least in terms of news articles. Satire might be a different story though. We’ll see.

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