Controversy – competitive gaming   Leave a comment

Concern:  Electronic sports is on the rise.

Topic:  competitive gaming

Question:  Does e-sports deserve a greater place in mainstream media and public opinion?

To be honest, e-sports wasn’t my first choice for a controversy to research. While attempting to come up with a topic or concern, the best-fit community for me personally seemed to be that of gamers, people who play video games. Of course, with this community in mind, the controversy that appears most often is piracy and its countermeasures:  the extent to which countermeasures should be applied, the effectiveness of said countermeasures, and the impact of piracy itself. However, due to the very nature of piracy, specific facts and figures are exceedingly difficult to quantify, being lost in the murky depths of potential sales, DRM, etc. Luckily, a much more easily-quantifiable subject came to mind soon:  the rise of competitive gaming. Given the large disparity between electronic sports and “conventional” sports, the premise seemed interesting enough, and thus, e-sports became my particular controversy.


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