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In continuing with the exercises we did in class I’ll state and explain how I chose my controversy.

I would first categorize myself into a few communities, which helped me narrow down my concerns and choose which were most important to me:

  • a registered member of a political party
  • a concerned U.S. citizen
  • an atheist.

With all of these perspectives weighing on my mind, the concern that I find most important/interesting is the modern separation, or lack there of, of church and state.

Concern: Our political parties are mixing the ideals and beliefs associated with the church/religion and using these arguments in a political setting. We have written down this separation in our constitution for a reason, and the modern political ties to religious beliefs and our overall inaction to right these wrongs cast a harmful shadow over our constitution, government, and entire political system.

Topic: Separation of church and state.

Question: Are the lines between church and state blurring, and to what extent is this fair and/or detrimental to our political system?

-Bryn Stotmeister


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