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“Should wealthy Americans pay higher taxes?”

I chose this question for my controversy. As a future college graduate and member of the American workforce, it troubles me to see the economy in such a terrible state. Just looking at the debt this country has racked up, the future looks pretty bleak. Frankly, no one likes taking the check at a restaurant, and I’m sure my generation will take on that unlucky role.

Ever since our economic downturn, Americans have searched for answers to a growing crisis. Do we continue to raise the debt ceiling? Or should we cut back on government spending? Well, I believe the answer lies somewhere within the wealthiest group of taxpayers. There is a huge disparity between the rich and poor, which has taken a toll on many aspects of our country. Consumers have little to no money for spending, while corporations and millionaires continue to make ridiculous profits.

This is something that I feel very passionate about, especially with a very gloomy future ahead.


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