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My controversy: Nowadays, people rely on television and the Internet for their daily news/gossip/tabloids. However, some don’t realize that their sources of what they think is news is mainly just sensationalized garbage passed off as “news.” Since anyone can just post information on the web, no one to fact-check his/her information or even just check for proper spelling and grammar. This disturbing event now affects journalism and how journalists report the news, whether it is on television, online or in newspapers.

Question: How has the Internet changed news reporting and has it had a harmful effect?

Why I chose it: As an aspiring journalist and avid reader, I chose this controversy; because it saddens me to see that many journalists out there are choosing to conform to the way the public (bloggers, for example) reports news. The standards of fact-checking and utilizing multiple resources has “eroded,” as the author of my viewpoint article states. When I was Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper, I always emphasized the importance of fact-checking resources to my writers, whether they wrote news stories or stories that involved their opinions (editorials, columns, reviews, etc.).


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