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As I have done research for my RS 1 I came across and article that was outright frightful.  Mitt Romney’s super PAC, Restore Our Future has received 5 checks worth a million dollars.

That’s right.  Mitt Romney’s campaign has won Who Wants to be a Millionaire 5 times already.  And his campaign hasn’t even been deemed a player by Fox News.  Obama’s reelection campaign has been given 2 million dollars by a Hollywood Executive.  To put these revelations into layman’s terms campaigns were only allowed to receive $2,500 from one private source before Citizen’s United.  Now it seems the the math has shifted in the favor of candidates and big businesses.

Yet this is my controversy.  Should Super Pacs be allowed to give unlimited monetary campaign contributions  to political candidates?

Stephen Colbert and other sources believe these PACs are legalized bribery.  Others believe that campaign finance is being organized by PACs.  Either way, our generation needs to take a look at what PACs actually do because we are all stakeholders in the next presidential elections.

For campaign finance fun click here.  O and a disclaimer this story was release BEFORE Citizen’s United.

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