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I chose to write about whether or not race should be taken into consideration in admissions decisions at colleges and universities. I chose this topic because affirmative action has always somewhat puzzled me. Before making any serious attempt at understanding the issue, I would probably have intuitively said considering people unequally based on race isn’t the answer to correct previous racial inequality. But after informally researching the topic on my own, the issue became much more complex for me.

I chose to write about affirmative action specifically in higher education because I’m a student, but also because a federal appeals court sided with UT in January after two white students who were denied admission sued because the university takes race into account in admission decisions. The court made its ruling based mostly on a supreme court case that makes affirmative action legal for universities, but one judge’s opinion argues that the supreme court decision was flawed. In the opinion, the judge comes out strongly against the constitutionality of affirmative action by universities, and if the plantiffs have the drive the case could go before the supreme court.

Here’s what Jon Stewart thinks about the original supreme court case:


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