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Hello. Graham Fawkes here again in lieu of Mr. Corona.

Mr. Corona did not choose his essay; I did. It’s part of my job, actually. And something that concerns me as an Englishman in the communications industry of this country (because that’s what I say I do) is the issue of Net Neutrality. Really, this issue affects more than just your average, quasi-enslaved English typist- it affects everyone who uses the internet to communicate, which last time I checked was close to everyone. Today we live in a world where the Internet is a basic service, where an ISP has no control over what the user accesses and the price of providing the service is the same for all, along with the bandwidth speeds. So you can imagine that someone like me, so intent in the communications field, can very well be interested in leaving this market be this way: deregulated.

More on that on Mr. Corona’s paper.

All the due respect,

Graham Fawkes


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