I hate my life   1 comment

Hi class,

Turns out my first choice of topic didn’t have enough serious articles in existence so now I had to find a new one.  Problem is, I don’t really have a strong opinion on… anything.  Well i should rephrase, I don’t have a strong opinion on anything that has a lot of viewpoint articles all over the place.  I could just pick some political issue and have lots to choose from in terms of articles and stuff, but then i’d have to kill myself; and there’d be all sorts of paperwork to fill out, and my roommate would have to go to counseling and stuff.  It would just be a huge mess.  So i’m going to go with something that i enjoy, that also has slightly more worldly importance than ultimate frisbee; College Football.  I’m going to be covering the recent talks of conference realignment that have been taking place lately, specifically in the Big 12 -2.  I hope it works out better than my last topic so i don’t have to hate my life anymore


here’s a link to a satirical college football blog that posted this a while ago in response to a&m being denied by the SEC the first time they tried to go



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One response to “I hate my life

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  1. This post cracked me up, Anthony. I’m glad that you found this topic and that you don’t hate your life any more.

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