Funnyordie PSA: “Protect Insurance Companies”   Leave a comment

For class on Friday, please watch this mock PSA on health care reform, sponsored by and created by the writers at Funnyordie in 2009. In class, we’ll work through the three steps of rhetorical analysis on the assignment prompt for your next short paper, so come prepared to answer these questions:

1. What debate is the video responding to, and what is its implicit argument? Research keywords like “Health care reform” and “Affordable Care Act” to get a sense of the controversy.

2. What claims and beliefs about health insurance companies does the video satirize? How can you tell?

3. Which values, beliefs, and emotions does the video appeal to? (In other words, which values, beliefs, or emotions would viewers have to feel in order to find the video persuasive?)

4. What kinds of audiences might be most likely to find this video funny, persuasive, or offensive? Who do you think is least likely to be persuaded by the video?



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