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In the first episode of season eight of The Colbert Report, Colbert discusses the controversy over ObamaCare. He assumes the character of a fake right-winger, like Jones suggests in the “Faux Real, Faux Play” chapter we read in class. He shows clips of conservatives arguing against this universal healthcare policy, saying the government should not be able to force you to buy something. In response, Colbert’s character agrees with these conservatives and then makes their entire claim look absurd by saying “the government can only tax you, draft you, arrest you, incarcerate you, and execute you” (Colbert). Like Jones claims in his book, Colbert takes the side of the right-wingers and then makes both them and Colbert himself look ridiculous. He also addresses conservatives’ concerns that ObamaCare will cause uncertainty in the marketplace. Colbert makes that whole claim look absurd when he says “the only thing we had certainty about before ObamaCare was that 45 million Americans do not have insurance” (Colbert). Jones’s suggestion about the satirical strategy of the writers of The Colbert Report seems on point with the commentary in this episode.


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