Colbert Report Season 8, Episode 3   Leave a comment

On this episode Colbert’s main political focus is on Herman Cain.  Cain has recently jumped up in the ratings so that he was tied for first with Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential race.  He explicitly supports Cain, saying that because he is at the top now, he is the guy.  Colbert says he likes what Cain stands for, but then raises the question of what he does stand for.  Quickly cutting to a clip from The View, Cain is shown in the middle of a conversation regarding his claim to bring back Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Joy Behar questions his belief that being gay is a choice.  His counter argument is for her to show him the science that disproves his belief.  Colbert describes this clip as a gaff for Cain not because of saying being gay is a choice, but for being a Republican candidate and acknowledging the existence of science.  Continuing his ridicule of Cain, Colbert goes on to say how he chose to be a right handed, male, and white.  When on the surface Colbert is supporting Cain, he is actually making all of Cain’s claims sound completely ridiculous by expressing them in different ways.  Moreover, he quotes a passage from Cain’s seemingly self-righteous book in which Cain uses some of MLK, Jr’s “I have a dream” speech.  Immediately following, Colbert says with his tongue in his cheek, “we must not judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the way he pretends to have the content of someone else’s character” (Colbert).  Colbert again makes Cain seem silly by his relentless critiques on his beliefs and claims.

Accordingly, Jones seems to be relatively accurate in many of his depictions of the show.  Throughout the show Colbert is the center of attention with all sorts of patriotic colors and lines directing toward him and radiating outwards.  At the very beginning after the audience’s applause, Colbert admits, “I want to thank you for that ovation.  I mean this in the best possible way.  I am a junkie, and you are my pusher” (Colbert).  This is an example of when Jones points to the tendencies of Bill O’Reilly that Colbert imitates.  Colbert works hard to establish that “messianic quality” of the relationship that Jones describes.  Furthermore, whenever Colbert introduces his guests, he then proceeds to run over to where they are, only to stand in front, take a bow, and accept all the applause as his own, granting none to his guests.  Even in his interview of the guests, Colbert seems to do the majority of the talking and does not allow the conversation to leave the boundaries that he wants.  He fully embodies the conservative host that Jones decribes him as being, with a huge ego to back it up.



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