October 6th Episode of Colbert   Leave a comment

I watched the October 3rd episode of The Colbert Report. In this episode, Colbert first pokes fun at Rick Perry. He begins his jokes by saying that he supports “Rick Parry” with an “A”. This signifies that Colbert is joking and does not actually support Perry. He then exposes the old name of Perry’s family’s hunting ranch, which at one point bore a very racially offensive name. He plays on this by saying that the name is not that bad, even though it obviously is. He then addresses the issue of ObamaCare. He pretends to take the stance of a conservative who is against universal healthcare, and sarcastically states their arguments. He lists all of the things that the government can do that we don’t complain about, but then says, however, that they cannot give us something small (healthcare). He then brings in Jeffrey Tubrin (might have spelt this wrong), whom defends universal healthcare while Colbert interrogates him. Colbert plays an ignorant conservative, and because of this Tubrin, and also healthcare, look appealing to the audience.


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