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The episode covers the OccupyWallStreet movement and the news that Florida plans to hold its primary earlier. Throughout the first segment, an image of protestors labeled “Parks and Demonstration” is shown. Various video clips of protestors’ reasons for protesting are shown, including one where a protestor claims to be there for democracy. This clip allows Stewart to segue into video clips from Fox contending that OWS will lead to totalitarianism. Furthermore, Stewart emphasizes Fox’s references to fascism and Nazis. Next, a clip of a Fox host seemingly supporting the protestors is played, followed by the revelation that the clip is actually about the Tea Party from 2009. The same host is then shown to be claiming that OWS protestors don’t like freedom. Stewart continues by bringing up contradictions about conservative feelings between the Tea Party and OWS. Numerous clips are shown where conservatives claim that OWS are “anti-American” and their behavior is “not Tea Party behavior.” Stewart argues that all the acts the Tea Party disagrees with are misdemeanors while the Tea Party’s namesake was a felony. The segment continues with Stewart’s claims, supported by additional video clips, that OWS cannot be expected to come up with a solution if the “political ruling class” can’t and that the Dodd-Frank law meant to regulate the market has barely been implemented after a year. Finally, the segment ends with, following a Fox host’s claim that OccupyBoston blocked him from supper, Stewart’s cry of “Let me eat steak!” After the commercial break, Stewart covers Florida’s plan to move its primary earlier, using further video clips to show context.

As Jones notes, Stewart uses a great deal of video clips to support his argument. Seemingly half of each segment consisted of clips. Furthermore, Jones’s argument that Stewart connects various events together is supported by this episode, as Stewarts contrasts the Fox host’s comments about the Tea Party with the same hosts’s comments about OWS. Finally, Stewart does indeed point out the rhetorical strategies, linking to Nazis, fascism, and (minor) crimes in this case, used by conservatives on the issue. Thus, Jones’s claims about The Daily Show do seem to be essentially correct, at least as far as this episode.


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