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No seriously. Open your eye and touch the white part.

Not many of you will actually do that. However, if you’re drunk you might actually see it as a challenge.

In March of 2001, Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell took it open themselves to show a younger generation how to drink responsibly. The test conducted involved Colbert taking Carell out for a drink, several drinks as a matter of fact, and documenting Carell slowly losing his motor skills, judgement, and inhibitions which ultimately led to Carell throwing up in Colbert’s car.

The clip can explain the rest, but the underlying goal was to exploit those that claim to “drink responsibly”. It appeals to those that have just one drink, and then just one more which leads to “I can take it. Hit me with another round!” Many don’t understand the affects that alcohol has even when they are experiencing things like nausea and loss of motor skills. Later in the clip you see Carell start to do things like talk over Colbert, take his clothes off, and even begin to hit and push Colbert.

Takeaway: Don’t drink. Especially with the cameras rolling. If you do, DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

Note: Steve Carell admitted later in an interview that he truly was drunk, and it was by far the worst he had ever been.

May the force be with you,

Hillary Ann


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