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Good day, Mr. Fawkes here.

Jorge’s satirical video is one kindly suggested by Mrs. Saylor. In an episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart discusses the issue of Net Neutrality in light of the Net Neutrality Act that was up for congressional debate in 2006. Along with John Hodgman, the two have a swing at tackling the issue, how the Internet works, how Service Providers are trying to affect the outcome of the debate, how fair this all really is. By using a humorous presentation utilizing envelopes, Hodgman shows how information is sent on the internet. He, then, does the same thing but depicting the way that information would be “filtered” by Service Providers if they get their way. In the end, Hodgman laughs the audience to his conclusion that Net Neutrality is necessary to keep the net fair for the individual user.

The link is adjoined.

Graham Fawkes.


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