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The episode opens with Stephen passionately blowing kisses to devoted crowd, which according to Jones, he has pumped up before the taping to mock the empowering effort of conservative talk show host. Colbert bask in the glory that is owed to him for delivering the “right”wing information. After the introduction, Colbert switches his focus to Herman Cain, the “dark horse” candidate and current “black Star,” subtly evoking racism that’s prominent in conservative news broadcast and the host blatant attempt to not sound racist. He discredits Palin’s attack on the “working class” background of the candidate, by exposing the fact that she said “Herb” instead of Herman. Continuing his attack on conservative values, Colbert shows a clip of Cain stating that gay is a choice. Using Jones rhetoric of incongruity, Colbert utilizes self effacing humor by stating that after watching Nixon on TV, he chose to be a right handed, straight Caucasian, which disheartened his gay, left handed, Latino fathers. His final message is “Dont judge someone by their skin, but by the way he pretends to have someone Else’s character.” Reiterated when he wags his finger at Mexico City for passing temporary marriage licenses, standing in for conservative talk show host and usual response of defending the sanctity of marriage. He gives a thumbs up to Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 for making a pro-war with ties to consumerism. The warmongering hunger of conservatives is represented by the European centered war simulation. Also, the capitalist minded conservatives value of product placement, such as Doritos and mountain dew, is exposed even though its a health threat to citizens. The final lesson is “anything worth achieving through hard work, you can just buy,” exposing the class warfare argument exposed in the interview with Black Star.

When interviewing Black Star, he explains them to be underground rap stars, which he defers to corporate rap stars. He incorrectly labels mark twain as one of the greatest hip-hop artist of his time, resembling conservative talk show host rudeness. Yasiin Bey starts to explain that the rap duo simply wants to do their own their own music for remaining independent from labels, but Colbert interrupts by exclaiming them to be anti-corporation. In fact, Colbert explains, im acting as a label right now for you. The message that the show is really presenting is class warfare, where the rich keep getting richer, and the middle and lower class remain stagnant. This is explicitly stated by Talib when he hands over the classy warrior attire.


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