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Hey fellow rhetoric of satire friends,

Anthony here, and i have decided (completely on my own, with absolutely no urging from Sara) to re-do my analysis of the Colbert Report that I did last night.  There’s a slight chance that it may have been lacking in the content department, along with many other departments.  So here goes my best shot at sounding intellectual in this class for the first time ever.

In this episode of The Colbert Report, he talks about a PAC and a Super PAC, both connected to each other somehow through some guy who’s head apparently looks like a ham loaf.  I can’t remember his name.  He talks about the fact that although most PAC’s have to list where they get their money from, but some certain one’s don’t have to.  Apparently this ham loaf guy was in charge of both and he was taking money from the first PAC, and giving it to the other PAC (the one where he didn’t have to disclose where the money came from) and Colbert was giving him crap for it.  Of course, he was doing this in his own little Colbert-y way where he pretended that he was making his own 2 PAC’s so he could do the same thing.  I remember at some point he talks about how Mr. Ham Loaf was essentially money laundering by doing what he was doing, but i don’t quite recall the specifics.

One thing i paid attention to in this episode that i had never noticed before was the fact that the entire set points toward Colbert.  I would have never noticed this if it weren’t for the chapter we read about Colbert.  And yes, this was one of the few readings for this class that I actually read, but that’s not important right now.  But yes, the self-hubris his character has really shines through when you notice Colbert sitting in the center of the screen with rays of color shining out from his head.  The portrait above the fireplace might also help that.

The interview portion of this episode really wasn’t all that funny.  It was a serious interview between Colbert and an officer (i think?) from the special forces (maybe?) unit of the army (possibly?).  It showed that although Colbert is obviously a comedian, he can be serious at times too, and is not always making fun of people on his show.

So uh… hopefully that was better than my first attempt at analyzing an episode of The Colbert Report.  Just remember, i did this for my own good, not because Sara told me to :p




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