The Colbert Report: October 4th   Leave a comment

In this episode of the Colbert Report, the main controversy addressed was that of the media’s interaction with Governor Chris Christie.  Regarding the Chris Christie issue, Colbert took the role of a Republican supporting the idea of Christie running for president, which mimics the position of many news organizations.  In this way, Colbert demonstrates his own position, as Jones points out, through taking the viewpoint of the opposition and purposefully ridiculing himself to show the flaws in this opposing argument.  He shows great enthusiasm and excitement about Christie, all while showing numerous clips of Christie saying explicitly that he will not run for president.  With this, he criticizes the way that the news organizations often invent news to add drama and make their shows more entertaining by taking that very role himself.

Another smaller issue Colbert mentions is the decision made by ESPN to pull Hank Williams Jr.’s Monday night football song because of comments he made on Fox and Friends comparing Obama to Hitler.  He seems to go more for a comedic effect in this piece compared to the other, but I think that he subtly criticizes a couple of things.  For example, he mentions how the people of Fox and Friends were surprised to hear something like that coming from someone who didn’t work for the show, and later goes on to say how they cut the song.  This points out the hypocrisy of the media.  In addition, he trivializes the situation as a whole by sarcastically complaining about the song not being played.  By doing this, he makes a similar point as in the earlier issue that the media exaggerates everything for the purpose of entertainment.


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