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I watched the daily show for the first time this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided to watch it over the Colbert Report because Colbert was a source for my earlier paper and I was quite accustomed to the way he did things. I t was very interesting to compare the two and find out that he worked for the daily show first. Anyway, the episode I saw dealt extensively with the death of Qaddafi. There were many satirical comments made about both the way his death was being reported in the U.S as well as the way it occured and the rebel’s celebration of his death etc. A few strategies which stood out among others are the use of exaggerated statements or certain emotions being highlighted among the people in a humorous way and taking clips from the way news reporters reported the incident and ridiculing them, for example there was a certain clip that discussed his death and went on to show how he was found which was matched with a clip from the wizard of oz alluding to the fact that usually they are misinformed or present poor evidence.


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