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Hello everyone, Jorge here.

I have no idea where my typist Graham went. I guess he conveniently slipped out when a blog post was due. Can’t trust any old typist these days.

Uh… so what do we do here. I don’t know but- whoah. What. What’s happening to the text? Did I press something? Dammit.Okay so bear with me here. Let me rummage through Graham’s desk and see if he found any satires. Oh okay, the Cloberts Reports. This seems to be okay. Okay, he’s… talking… And talking… Wait, is this just a news show? It’s really serious. Why are people laughing? No one laughs at Rush, why do they laugh at Cloberts?

Okay, so- cool, text changed back- he’s talking about occupy Wall Street and informing us of how the media is covering the Oakland incident where an Iraq veteran was hurt by negligent police brutality. He goes on to show the coverage of the story of the Washington Post, part of Newscorp, and instead of any pictures of the incident, the paper has a picture of an Oakland policeman petting a kitten. Not the news at all. Colbert decides to side with the paper and takes jokes from there, mentioning the police was also guilty of “Cuteality” and has a right to “disassemble the peaceful protestors into pieces”, and satirically bashing the protestors who “are wearing out their welcome nationwide”. He implores- dammit text- that the pity party ends so that Wall Street can resume their real party. By doing this, Cloberts is supporting the protestors against the criticisms of the elite-occupied media that seem to be trying to end the conflict and attempting to slightly patronize the discontents by the information they provide about the movement, such as the picture. Cloberts reminds us that what we see in the news is not always the whole truth.

Okay, cool.

Gotta go find Graham.

-Jorge Corona


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