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Though I didn’t enjoy the reading to a large degree, I did agree with the claim that the term “Irony” isn’t used in the correct way these days. Having said that, I can’t really say I’ve been using it right either, or using it at all to a large degree. But reading the article I noticed that self-parody came up repeatedly, and it reminded me of part of a lecture in my Masterworks of American Literature class that I took last spring. The text we were focusing on was the autobiography of Ben Franklin. Our Professor pointed out a moment in which modern readers might think Franklin was stroking his own ego, but in actuality was displaying a keen awareness of his audience and of himself, drawing up a self-parodying image of himself that would have his readers in hysterics of laughter. In the text, Franklin talks of how he has little concern for food, and could be satisfied with the bare minimum in serving size and flavor. As any of Franklin’s contemporaries would know however, this was not at all the case. The man was rather portly, and loved good food immensely. In this way, I saw how making light of yourself and your positions can be highly effective at rallying the audience towards you. That long winded intro leads me to the point that I think my upcoming satire needs some self-parody. Most of the ideas that have circulated around my head are dark and dystopian, which I think have the risk of coming off as obnoxious if handled incorrectly. Hopefully I can work out a fusion of the two.


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