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Abortion acts as gateway to murdering other family members

By Myles Beltran

Two months ago Congress passed a bill increasing government spending on abortion clinics by more than five hundred percent. Government officials say now that our world population has exceeded seven billion, our focus must be to limit population growth due to the lack of resources and unemployment that are currently being experienced all over the world.

“We plan to be a leading force in population control. The more babies prevented from being born, the better,” says President Obama. “We’re not saying you can’t get pregnant, but what we are saying is that we urge you to kill the baby before it’s born. Do you really want our world to be even more crowed?” This bill was welcomed by both parties and women rejoiced in the ease of having abortion now.

But it looks like population control has gone to a whole new level with an unexpected twist. In application of the law, women are finding the new ease of killing their unborn baby “empowering” and moving on to the only and obvious next stop of killing their other family members.  One convicted murderer admitted, “My unborn baby was annoying me with all that kicking and moving around in my belly so I killed it. My husband was annoying me with all of his yelling and nagging so I killed him too. Once you get past the first murder, they’re all easy.” One woman even described the experience of terminating her family members as “refreshing” and “liberating.” Another woman, Leslie Patten, reports “It was so simple getting rid of my unborn baby that I didn’t want. I thought, ‘I don’t really want my other children either’ so I got rid of them also.”

The government has yet to comment on this issue, but the pilling up of bodies won’t go unnoticed for much longer. Prisons are filling up quickly with women from all races and backgrounds because of murders or attempted homicides mostly of their own husbands and children. Psychologists claim that this phenomenon and compulsion is similar to that of addictive drugs. “The abortion acts as woman’s gateway drug. They become addicted to and go on to do even more damage to their family members,” reports Sandra Valley, a leading psychologist on her field.

It starts off with a woman deciding to end her pregnancy with an abortion (as urged by the government) and ends with the woman’s realization of how simple it is to rid her life of other people she doesn’t desire at the moment. “If a screaming child becomes a burden, kill him. If a shrewish mother-in-law pulling your last nerve, murder her. This is the logic that the women attain after the termination of their fetus,” says Valley.

This strange circumstance is something no one could have predicted, but everyone is hoping the government will step in to help end this madness soon enough. “We will extinct ourselves if this doesn’t end soon,” warns Barry Silt, a biologist at the University of Texas at Austin. A large number of people are writing to the government to stop this slippery slope to mass destruction of our society and race as a whole. The rising abortion trend has escalated to a murder trend that is effecting all of the United States, and reports of influence have even reached across seas to Europe and Asia.

“The world is going straight to hell,” Pastor David Eldhard forewarns.



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