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My fellow occupiers drop down your kindles and lattes and listen. We all have come to call Zuccotti Park our home, actively protesting corporate greed through the 1st amendments right to assemble. For weeks we have sacrificed everything to be a cog in the revolution, taking off from our comfortable day jobs to fight with those who have none to leave. Together, we will see an end to class warfare, voicing out for the individuals who are working 2 desk jobs and a night shift and can’t participate. Through us, their struggle has manifested. Through us, they have hope.

As the graph demonstrates, China’s currency, the yuan, is right up next to the dollar and euro at the 5% rate. China is currently devaluing the yuan, which makes exporting cheaper, but inflates the prices of domestic goods.

But today when I, seated on newspaper, and Forbes subscription cushioned steps, searching Huffington post on my new iPhone 4s, I came across a revealing, eye-opening article. We have been duped, misled by corporations into thinking they’re the ones to blame for the sustained height of the unemployment rate. No, my friends, the root of our hardship, the source of blame from which our strife originates, the entity we should be upset with, is China.

As we all know, America no longer has a viable manufacturing base. This explains why millions of our nation’s minorities are out of work, desperate for jobs, and unites us for their rights today. Although America ranks first in manufacturing output, the citizens of china are stealing our jobs, working overtime in efficiently crammed, shops, under ventilated to keep cost down. With our nation’s unstable economy, how could we blame corporations of outsourcing for cheap labor?

China also utilizes “mercantilist trade practices like illegal export subsidies and currency manipulation…to attack the American manufacturing base.” Because the Chinese encourage the export of their manufactured goods, and discourage the sale of these on the domestic market through their unfair trade policies, all we ever have the option to buy at the store are goods made in the republic of China, land of a billion jobs. When combined with the intentional devaluing of the yuan, an elaborate parody to mock America’s own financial practices which makes its exports cheaper, we can expect to remain pawns for Chinese Corporations.
So say enough to this nonsense in New York, and join me to Occupy the Great Wall Street of China.
*When approaching the satire, I wanted to attack specifically this article that wanted to blame China for the financial strain America is facing, as well as the OWS protestors themselves. I caricatured the occupiers, and made my presentation valid by claiming to be a member of the group. I wanted to include the info and attack the issue such as that of the onion.


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