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“Although Washington was a revolutionary, he wasn’t a radical.  The idea of open homosexuality within our armed services has long been considered preposterous” (Barber).  Speaking of preposterous… Obama thinks it’s a good idea to ignore what the greatest country on Earth has done for the past couple centuries and change it all up all of a sudden.  Put a bunch of homosexual soldiers in the strongest military in the world, declare June to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, essentially abuse his power as President to use America as “a giant petri dish ripe for radical social experimentation” (Barber). Well, that’s preposterous.

Washington was, is, and always will be the Father of Our Country.  We aren’t going to get a new dad at the turn of the century.  His views and beliefs will always be held in the highest regard by Americans.  He thought it was ridiculous for homosexuals to be in the military.  Have times changed? Is it no longer ridiculous for the “Fabulous Pink Brigade” to infiltrate the enemy’s camp in their “eye-popping pastels?” (Barber).  Of course it’s still ridiculous.  And it will always be ridiculous, no matter what Obama or any other Washington-haters say.  Just like it will always be ridiculous for a woman to be considered equal to her husband, or for a slave to desire freedom, or for there to be a quicker way between America and England other than boats.  The anti-Washington (Obama) calls these things “progress,” but I’m speaking from experience when I say that this is the opposite of progress.  I’ve known gay men, and they do not belong in the military as our last line of defense.  Likewise, I’ve known women, and they are naturally less intelligent and physically able as men.  Frankly, it’s absurd to think that these things should be changed.

Fortunately though, we have the great checks and balances system to keep Obama in check.  “The U.S. Supreme Court was not persuaded to hear an appeal from a lower-court ruling which determined that [Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell] is ‘rationally related to the government’s legitimate interest in military discipline and cohesion’” (Barber).  The U.S. Supreme Court does not make mistakes because it does not make hasty decisions; composed of nine very intelligent people, it always weighs all the options and presents its decision, which is always the best solution.  For example, in Dred Scott v. Sandford, the Court “declared that all blacks — slaves as well as free — were not and could never become citizens of the United States” (PBS).  Dred Scott had tried to cheat his way to freedom by claiming that because his owner had taken him into a free state, he should be free.  Again, the Court was not persuaded.  No matter what the majority of Americans thought.  As long as the Supreme Court remains firm and just in this manner, people like Dred Scott and all gay soldiers will never get a chance to ruin America.

Obama smugly declared when he signed the repeal of DADT, “No longer will tens of thousands of Americans in uniform be asked to live a lie, or look over their shoulder in order to serve the country that they love” (MSNBC).  Instead, hundreds of thousands of Americans in uniform will be forced to look over their shoulder in order to serve the country that they love, for fear of being sodomized by their gay comrades.


Taking advantage of Barber’s passionate beliefs, I attempted to point out the fallacies in his arguments.  For example, I believe he makes the false authority mistake in saying that Americans should follow George Washington’s views from almost 250 years ago.  Ideas evolve over time.  Similarly, his reference to the Supreme Court can be viewed as false authority.  It may also be noted that the Supreme Court is not always right, just like in the Dred Scott trial.  Moreover, concerning President Obama, Barber frequently uses harsh words to describe him and his ideas, calling him the “un-Washington” for example.  Accordingly, Barber can be declared guilty of using ad hominem because in addition to this explicit language, he hardly makes reference to any of Obama’s actual reasoning on the issue.


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