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18-year-old Katie Andrews just finished her first month of her freshman year at The University of Texas at Austin. After    learning nearly nothing at her high school in San Antonio, Texas, she said that she was ecstatic to start this new era in her life. Although her older sister had warned her about the challenging workload and busy lifestyle, she knew that the years of university-level learning are known to be part of the most important and self-defining time period that a person lives through. Because of this, Katie began college with very high-expectations, which were almost immediately met and exceeded.

Thus far, she gives the following account of her experience at school, “We started class in August, and it has been a really great first month of college. It has been a relief having absolutely no homework to do. I had to read for class every so often in high school, but it sure is nice to have virtually no outside-of-class work here at UT Austin. I am grateful that I have time to do more important things than study while I’m not in class, like watch Jersey Shore.”

In high school, Katie proved to be slightly above average among her classmates. She was admitted to the university without question, as she was the last person on the school’s “Top Ten Percent List”. Her high school GPA was about a 3.6 with the substantial AP curve that the school applied. She was worried that maintaining this high GPA would be difficult at the college level, but she has once again been proven wrong. “One of the best things about college is that fact that I can pull off getting perfect scores on all of my exams and homework without studying or consistently going to class. It’s a little early to tell, but as of now, my GPA is looking like it will be a 4.0 at the end of the semester,” Katie remarked.

The time that Katie has not been devoting to textbooks and homework out-of-class, she has been spending on weeknights downtown at Sixth Street or at the university’s local frat houses. The one, and maybe only, thing that Katie has become knowledgeable about at the university, is how to party. “I’m really glad that I was introduced to the part scene so quickly here at UT. I feel like everyone is part of it, and I was genuinely worried that I wasn’t going to find it with such ease. I did not want to become the girl who gets left behind and has nothing to do on weekends and weeknights but study.”

When asked about the professors at the university, Katy gave nothing but positive feedback. “They are wonderful, they have taught me so much about UT football. I love that we do not actually discuss anything about the real subject listed in the class title “

I approached my satire by creating a fake background news article. I addressed the fact that college institutions are being blamed for students not learning what they should be, without considering other factors. I believe that students are learning more from college institutions than what Herbert’s article implies.


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