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President Obama’s executive order on student loans is a terrible response to helping students pay for college in such disastrous economic conditions.

Firstly, as the president of the most powerful nation in the world, does he even have the authority to change the terms of loan arrangements enacted into law by Congress? How can a person who can’t even follow the rules be trusted to help students graduate? The answer is simple, irrationally taking steps to help make it easier for students to get and pay their loans.

These ‘steps’ in no way help the economy or the prime social concern of unemployment. How can one expect helping students graduate through easier ways of paying college be ever responsible enough to find employment? Moreover, it is also gross injustice to those who faced a lot more hardships in obtaining and paying back their loans. Providing more help for the next generation to get an education is an insult to those in the earlier generations who have who overcame impossible obstacles to graduate.

This is also an attack towards the proud American culture of capitalism. The basis of this culture, which involves laws and contracts, is specifically undermined by the government’s action of getting involved in private affairs. This has become clear through the government providing incentives for students to end their private student loans in favor of borrowing from it. The government cannot be getting involved in such matters of making student loans more accessible and payable when it hurts the private lenders. The only logical action now is for the government not getting involved in the matters of student finance as a means of protecting capitalism!

A solution to the situation is to find ways to help alleviate the problem as the government gets out of the student loan business. Dr. Mara the author of “Government should not involve itself in such torrid economic climates”, highlights one genius and rational way (unlike Obama) of helping students pay and letting the economy fix it self without the help of the government which does more harm. The proposed solution that many colleges have already started practicing is to sell their souls for school. The genius behind this is that no matter whom the person is, their soul adequate enough for an education which helps save a great amount of money! I would certainly say that giving up your soul is an extremely small price to pay for an education; at the same time saving not only the economy but also the fundamental ideal that America relies on, capitalism.

Ashok Galla


Posted December 2, 2011 by ashokgalla in Uncategorized

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