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President Obama’s executive order on student loans is a terrible response to helping students pay for college in such disastrous economic conditions.

Firstly, as the president of the most powerful nation in the world, does he even have the authority to change the terms of loan arrangements enacted into law by Congress? How can a person who can’t even follow the rules be trusted to help students graduate? The answer is simple, irrationally taking steps to help make it easier for students to get and pay their loans.

These ‘steps’ in no way help the economy or the prime social concern of unemployment. How can one expect helping students graduate through easier ways of paying college be ever responsible enough to find employment? Moreover, it is also gross injustice to those who faced a lot more hardships in obtaining and paying back their loans. Providing more help for the next generation to get an education is an insult to those in the earlier generations who have who overcame impossible obstacles to graduate.

This is also an attack towards the proud American culture of capitalism. The basis of this culture, which involves laws and contracts, is specifically undermined by the government’s action of getting involved in private affairs. This has become clear through the government providing incentives for students to end their private student loans in favor of borrowing from it. The government cannot be getting involved in such matters of making student loans more accessible and payable when it hurts the private lenders. The only logical action now is for the government not getting involved in the matters of student finance as a means of protecting capitalism!

A solution to the situation is to find ways to help alleviate the problem as the government gets out of the student loan business. Dr. Mara the author of “Government should not involve itself in such torrid economic climates”, highlights one genius and rational way (unlike Obama) of helping students pay and letting the economy fix it self without the help of the government which does more harm. The proposed solution that many colleges have already started practicing is to sell their souls for school. The genius behind this is that no matter whom the person is, their soul adequate enough for an education which helps save a great amount of money! I would certainly say that giving up your soul is an extremely small price to pay for an education; at the same time saving not only the economy but also the fundamental ideal that America relies on, capitalism.

Ashok Galla


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Daily Show   Leave a comment

I watched the daily show for the first time this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided to watch it over the Colbert Report because Colbert was a source for my earlier paper and I was quite accustomed to the way he did things. I t was very interesting to compare the two and find out that he worked for the daily show first. Anyway, the episode I saw dealt extensively with the death of Qaddafi. There were many satirical comments made about both the way his death was being reported in the U.S as well as the way it occured and the rebel’s celebration of his death etc. A few strategies which stood out among others are the use of exaggerated statements or certain emotions being highlighted among the people in a humorous way and taking clips from the way news reporters reported the incident and ridiculing them, for example there was a certain clip that discussed his death and went on to show how he was found which was matched with a clip from the wizard of oz alluding to the fact that usually they are misinformed or present poor evidence.

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Satire on Controversy   Leave a comment

As mentioned in the last post, going through with a controversy involving only international student tuition is going to be extremely hard to investigate throughout the semester and so I modified the question slightly. The new topic now is going to focus on the ‘rising tuition fees for college students’. This made my search for a satire and articles a lot easier and is still a controversy worth pursuing. So the following is a satire on the topic,

Tuition Hikes

The average cost of tuition at the nation’s colleges has jumped 40 percent in the past 10 years. How are students coping?

It was taken from The Onion‘s website and this is the link,,7910/

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Controversy – Ashok Galla   Leave a comment

The controversy that I decided on after going through the whole process of “mapping” the communities I belonged to, was the issue on the extremely high tuition fees for international students. I felt, especially after the recent riots that took place in the UK, that it could be a very relevant issue. Also, this would be a more personal issue for me as I am quite ignorant of the current political controversies (something I’m working on fixing). The only concern I have on the topic at the moment is, how big the issue is to explore it or if there is much debate over it. But, hopefully by the end of the course I will understand the issue a lot better and understand why the prices are that way and it is not just me complaining about blindly paying such high fees.

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